Cultural Heritage Tourism Event Producer

As a seasoned event & meeting planner producing national conferences and large cultural events & festivals, Stephanie is the Executive Producer for the Annual National Synergy Summit for Cultural & Heritage Tourism.

"Congratulations on a successful conference this week! The sessions provided diverse insights and educational opportunities which will be a springboard for continued learning about the critical tourism area for your region."

Richard Peterson, President & CEO, U.S. Cultural Heritage Tourism Marketing Council


Tourism Readiness Training

As a trainer & curriculum developer, Stephanie has created & facilitated training materials and assessment tools to determine the tourism readiness of small businesses. Her team of business & marketing strategists work to enhance their business operations to attract new and repeat visitors to their businesses and communities.

  “We’re just over the halfway mark of the Tourism  Business Readiness program and the training ranks among the best. Stephanie, the knowledge, expertise, materials and methodology employed by you and your team was truly the key differentiator.  In addition to the knowledge I have gained from the coaching and resourceful networking with other entrepreneurs; the curriculum and workshops offered by you and your team has provided invaluable insight into general business operations practices and also how I can best position my business as a tourist destination."

Carolyn Murray Donaldson, Board Member

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church


Tourism Marketing Training

As a seasoned marketer for the past 20 years working with cultural institutions and small businesses, Stephanie and her team leads a series of tourism marketing trainings to help small businesses understand how to become positioned to attract tourists and visitors to their businesses and attractions through online & offline marketing strategies.

  “The Tourism Business Readiness program presented by the Greater Miami Convention Visitors Bureau utilizes hands on training techniques presented by expert practitioners and facilitators who understand and appreciate the development and implementation of small businesses in a community setting. The icing on the cake comes as participants, actively involved in the process, learn that community collaboration helps build business and tourism capacity. Oh joy!”

Dr. Dorothy Jenkins Fields

Founder, Black Archives/Lyric Theatre