Seasoned Serial Social Entrepreneur

  • Cultural Heritage Tourism Consultant
  • Multicultural Tourism Audience Development
  • Community Tourism Development
  • Local Assets Engagement
  • Diversity & Inclusion Consulting
  • Tourism Marketing Consultant
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Trainer & Curriculum Developer

As a seasoned marketer & business consultant for the past 20 years, Stephanie has never shied away from taking gigantic leaps of faith to birth new visions into reality. She has proven herself to be a master planner and executor when it comes to taking an idea and making it a tangible business, program or event.

As a serial social entrepreneur, Stephanie has a passion for creating opportunities to empower and help fellow entrepreneurs and small businesses excel, especially those from underserved communities.

With her get it done and failure is not an option attitude, she is not afraid to take a risk to try something new or to create something to fill a void or unmet need in the marketplace.

Before leaping off the cliff into the entrepreneurial world, she spearheaded the opening of the world's largest African American History Museum (before the new museum in DC opened) in Detroit as Marketing & Public Relations Director and helped a local Black theatre company in New Jersey obtain Tony Award-winning status as Marketing & Sales Director.

Stephanie has served as a national spokesperson traveling to 40 U.S. cities providing career & business coaching to unemployed and underemployed adults. She has been featured numerous times in national TV, print and online media and has received several local and national awards & recognitions for her work empowering single moms, women and entrepreneurs.

Her vision for CHAT (Cultural Heritage Alliance for Tourism, Inc.) is to create tangible opportunities for minority business owners and entrepreneurs to tap into the multibillion travel & tourism industry. She is on a mission to ensure there is inclusion and diversity of more people of color in the industry.

In addition to the cultural heritage tours provided by CHAT (, she is responsible for founding & producing the annual CHAT Summit on Cultural & Heritage Tourism (




CHAT South Florida

As a tourism consultant, Stephanie and the CHAT team  works to enhance the business and tourism capacity of small businesses and attractions in heritage neighborhoods and multicultural communities.


CHAT creates opportunities to engage and increase participation in their local tourism ecosystems which ultimately helps to strengthen and sustain tourism in statewide. We seek to foster inclusion, diversity and collaboration across city, county and causeway lines.

Through our CHAT networks, we are a tourism consulting  & business development company which partners with tourism-related small businesses, local attractions, artists and tour guides to curate cultural heritage bus & walking tour experiences to drive more locals, tourists and dollars into off the beaten path neighborhoods. Learn more at


CHAT Summit

The annual CHAT Summit’s goal is to connect tourism-related small businesses, attractions, local artists with hospitality, travel & tourism professionals. The CHAT Summit provides professional development for industry professionals to gain more knowledge and exposure about little known cultural & heritage assets and the rich culture & history of heritage neighborhoods and multicultural communities. Hospitality & tourism leaders learn best practices to leverage cultural heritage tourism (the fastest growing segment of the travel industry) to drive tourists and profits to their businesses. In addition, city planners & cultural agencies from municipalities and county governments will gain strategies to help plan their cultural & heritage tourism landscapes and programs to market and attract visitors to their destinations. Learn more at


South Florida Black Restaurant Week

South Florida Black Restaurant Week is a platform showcasing the entrepreneurial & culinary talents of African-American, African & Caribbean-owned & operated restaurants, chefs, caterers, bars & food trucks located in Greater Fort Lauderdale, Greater Miami and Palm Beach County. This interactive & entertaining culinary platform in South Florida is designed to generate exposure, foot traffic, revenue and repeat business for both well known and little known food & beverage establishments that provide a wide variety of African American, African and Caribbean cuisines prepared on various culinary levels. We are shining the spotlight on and celebrating business owners who were brave enough to launch one of the most challenging business ventures and who work tirelessly to provide authentic culinary experiences to locals and tourists. South Florida Black Restaurant Week is a cultural heritage tourism & economic development initiative created to spur business growth and development. Learn more at